Garage Door Panel Damage: How To Handle It

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Dealing With Garage Door Panel Damage Due to Accidents

Damaged garage door panel

No one means to drive into their garage door intentionally, but if you do, there are a few things you should know about handling that situation. If this has never happened to you before, you might wonder how someone could run into their garage door in the first place. Believe it or not, it’s more common than you think! 

We all try to be as careful as possible, but sometimes things happen. You may not have realized your vehicle was that far forward or backward. Or, perhaps you thought the car was in drive when it was in reverse, or vice versa. Other times, drivers get impatient, and instead of waiting for the door to open fully, they start pulling through the garage door opening and smash into the bottom of the door as it’s opening. Read on to learn about what to expect after incurring garage door panel damage.

What to Expect After An Accidental Run-In With Your Garage Door

One of the first things to do if you run into your garage door on accident is to remind yourself that you’re not the first person to drive into their garage door. It’s happened before, and it will happen again. As long as you are physically safe, any garage door panel damage that occurs is fixable! Follow these steps to ensure your immediate safety and well-being and to get your garage door back to full function:

Safely Exit the Vehicle

Before you get out of the car, it’s important to ensure that it’s safe. There may be sharp debris on the floor that could cut your feet or legs. When you open the door, portions of the damaged garage door could fall on you and cause injury, so be careful!

Depending on the situation, a better option may be to back out of the danger zone before exiting the vehicle. Even then, be careful that you haven’t dragged some of the garage door with you, where it can still cause injury.

If you’re unsure whether moving the car is safe, don’t. Contact garage door repair professionals, such as your Garage Doors and More team near Round Lake Park, IL to make that call and to safely move the vehicle.

Move the Car or Leave It As Is?

Depending on how much garage door panel damage there is, parts of the garage door could come crashing down if you move the car. If possible, carefully check the rollers to ensure they’re still in their tracks. Check the door panels to make sure they’re still connected. Look at the springs from a distance to ensure they’re safely connected. You’ll also want to check that the garage door opener is still securely mounted and won’t fall on you or the car.

Call Your Homeowners, Business, or Auto Insurance Company

Your home or business insurance company may have very specific instructions on how to proceed. Depending on the situation and the extent of the garage door panel damage, they might ask you to leave the vehicle where it is, or move it. Remember, safety is key, and you will need to use your best judgment to determine the safest course of action. 

Take Pictures of the Damage

Your insurance company may ask you to take several pictures of the vehicle and garage door panel damage. This will be used to determine the next steps and will come in handy if you file a claim with your home, business, or auto insurance company.

Call a Garage Door Specialist

Now it’s time to consider securing the garage and preparing for garage door repair. A specialist may need to order new panels and other parts for garage door panel damage repair. If a garage door panel replacement is necessary, they won’t be able to fix the garage door immediately. 

If there isn’t too much garage door panel damage, it’s possible that the damaged garage door can adequately secure the garage until repairs are complete. For more extensive damage, the garage door specialist may need to construct a plywood structure to secure the garage temporarily. In either case, you may not be able to use the garage door until repairs are finished, and the door system is fully functioning.

Turn Lemons Into Lemonade With an Upgraded Garage Door!

When you experience garage door panel damage near Round Lake Park, IL, our Garage Doors and More team will examine the tracks, springs, and garage door opener to ensure they are properly aligned and whether they require repair or replacement. If the garage door panel damage is too substantial, a new garage door installation might be your best option! This is an excellent time to get the garage door you’ve always wanted. Either way, rest assured that everything will work out! Our team is here to help every step of the way. Contact us today!

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