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Top 6 Ways to Increase Garage Door Security

If you own a home near Round Lake Park, IL, you’ve probably considered multiple home security options. Perhaps you’ve installed a high-tech security system and motion-activated lighting around the exterior entrances and windows or gone so far as to strategically plant prickly bushes around ground-level windows to thwart potential intruders.

As a local, family-owned and operated garage door company serving Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin communities, we understand the importance of doing everything possible to keep your home and family safe and secure. That’s why our Garage Doors and More team is sharing six easy ways to increase your garage door security. 

  1. Store expensive toys and equipment out of sight.

Avoid leaving pricey toys and outdoor equipment sitting in the driveway or in public view for extended periods of time. If you can, secure these items in the garage so they’re not visible to people passing by in the street or on the sidewalk. Don’t allow potential intruders to scope out your home and possessions. 

  1. Leave your garage doors closed when you’re not present. 

This tip might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how often homeowners never give their open garage door a second thought. It’s also common for people to forget to close their garage when they leave their house. 

Luckily, modern garage door openers come with remote smartphone access, enabling you to close your garage doors even if you’re not home! Contact Garage Doors and More for information about garage door opener installation near Round Lake Park, IL.

  1. Upgrade your old garage door opener. 

Speaking of garage door openers, is it time to replace yours? Older models don’t offer the same security and safety features as state-of-the-art openers. A few features that new openers provide that will undoubtedly increase garage door security include:

  • Motion-sensor lighting
  • Integrated camera systems
  • 2-way audio communication
  • Battery backup systems
  • Rolling code technology
  • Advanced safety sensors
  • HomeLink built-in car remotes
  • Smartphone access from anywhere
  • Automatic garage door locking systems

  1. Install frosted, tinted, or obscured glass windows.

When you plan your next garage door installation or replacement, consider customizing your garage doors with windows that protect your privacy. Even full-view glass garage doors can limit the visibility of someone on the outside looking in, depending on the glass type chosen! 

  1. Install a garage door release cable shield. 

Garage door shields prevent intruders from breaking into your garage through the emergency release mechanism, also known as “garage door fishing.” A garage shield will increase garage door security. However, be aware of the following garage door advice some offer regarding intrusions:

Garage Door Security Myth: Use a Zip-Tie to Deter Intruders

Garage door openers come equipped with an emergency release mechanism, typically attached to a cord with a red handle. Some advise homeowners to secure this emergency mechanism with a zip tie so that would-be intruders cannot access the garage using a wire hanger to pull the latch on the emergency cord.

The problem with this makeshift solution is that every second matters in the case of a real emergency, such as a pet or child getting stuck under the garage door. If you have to cut a zip tie before disengaging the garage door opener, the results could be catastrophic. 

  1. Schedule Regular Garage Door Maintenance

What do garage door maintenance and garage door security have to do with each other? Routine garage door maintenance ensures all your garage door parts are in good working order. If there’s an issue with the integrity of your garage door or opener, one of our trained technicians will detect it during a professional tune-up!

When you schedule garage door maintenance, a professional technician will inspect every inch of your overhead door system, recommend garage door repair or opener repair if needed, make adjustments, and test all safety and security features. It’s an excellent way to improve garage door security and the overall function of your garage doors!

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If you want to learn additional ways to increase your garage door security, our Garage Doors and More team is happy to help! Contact us near Round Lake Park, IL and Kenosha, WI for more information or to schedule one of our garage door services near you.

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